Press Release

07 July 2014, 13:10

Ergis-Eurofilms S.A. returns to the name Ergis S.A.

ERGIS-EUROFILMS SA, the leader of plastics processing in Central and Eastern Europe, is now operating under the name ERGIS SA. The resolution adopted by the General Shareholders Meeting changing the name of the company was registered by the court on 4 July 2014. This means a return to the name under which the company originally operated between 1998 and 2007.

The company also decided to request the Warsaw Stock Exchange to change the abbreviated form of its name for WSE trading from EEF to EGS. Along with the change in name, the Group has also launched a new website at

Tadeusz Nowicki, the President of the Management Board of ERGIS SA, said: “It has been seven years since Ergis SA and Eurofilms SA merged, and during this time the Ergis Group has become highly recognizable as a leader in plastics processing. A former British shareholder of Eurofilms SA still operates under the name of Eurofilms Extrusion Ltd, and, as a result, expansion of activity of Ergis-Eurofilms SA on the European market sometimes caused difficulties in distinguishing between the products of the two companies. At the June session of the Annual General Shareholders Meeting, the shareholders of the company decided that it was the right time to return to the historic name of ERGIS SA, which accompanied the creation of the Capital Group. The new-old name is easier and continued to be commonly used by many customers and suppliers of the company. Thus, we believe this return to the roots will be favourablyreceived. At the same time as the name change, we have also launched our new, updated website to underline this event.


The ERGIS Group is the leader in plastics processing in Central and Eastern Europe. It has six production sites, four of which are located in Poland and two in Germany. The Group specializes in production of food packaging (films and barrier laminates based on PVC and PET, and printed multilayer laminates) as well as industrial packaging (LLDPE stretch films and PET strapping bands). ERGIS also manufactures films used for pharmaceutical packaging, hydro-insulating films and PVC compounds. In 2013 the Group’s revenue exceeded PLN 673 million.

Additional information about the Company is also available at