04 July 2007, 18:10


 On June 29th, 2007, the Warsaw District Court registered the merger of Eurofilms S.A., Poland’s leading manufacturer of stretch films and PVC thermoshrink and BOPP films and PET tapes distributor with the Company’s majority shareholder - ERGIS S.A. - Poland’s largest and Central and Eastern Europe’s leading PVC products manufacturer (films, compounds, wallpapers, wall panelling...

27 February 2007, 13:42

Issue Prospectus of EUROFILMS SA Submited at the Securities and Exchange Commision

Eurofilms SA has submitted its issue prospectus to the Polish Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The Company is the second largest Polish manufacturer of polyethylene stretch films and PVC heat shrink films and a significant distributor of polypropylene BOPP films. ...

23 January 2007, 13:28

The Merger of Eurofilms SA and ERGIS SA and formation of one of the largest plastics processing companies in Central and Eastern Europe

Eurofilms S.A., a leading Polish manufacturer of stretch and heat-shrinkable PVC film and distributor of BOPP film is to merge with its majority shareholder ERGIS S.A., the largest Polish manufacturer of PVC products and an industry leader in Central and Eastern Europe, whose main products are film, granulated products, wallpaper, and panels.Before the merger takes place, ERGIS...

27 October 2006, 11:36

Eurofilms SA - Planed Profits Achieved After III Quarters

Eurofilms, the leading Polish manufacturer of stretch film, PVC thermoshrink film and BOPP film, after three quarters of this year (cumulative), has reached results better than in the same period of 2005: the revenue was higher by more than 25.9%, operating profit – by 17.9%, gross profit increased by almost 31%, and net profit – by nearly 8.5%. ...

03 August 2006, 23:40

EUROFILMS- Successful Second Quarter of 2006

Eurofilms, the leading Polish manufacturer of PE stretch film, PVC thermoshrink film and BOPP film, after the results for two quarters of 2006 sustains its annual financial forecasts presented in the Issue Prospectus. ...

06 June 2006, 20:58

Allocation of EUROFILMS SA Shares: Over 80 % Reduction

Eurofilms S.A. has allocated 8,053,306 shares in the Public Offering, including 4,023,653 Series B1 and C Shares in the Sale Offering and 4,023,653 Series D Shares in the Public Subscription.All shares issued under the Public Offering included:6,500,000 shares allocated in the Institutional Tranche,1,553,306 shares allocated in the Individual Tranche.The reduction rate in the...